I am growing up in a city that never sleeps

Calcutta is a humid city of 14 million. More people than some countries even. For people around the world the city brings vague feelings and ideas about the east and spices, and India as a country. Perhaps famous because of a movie starring Patrick Swayze РThe City of Joy Рa 1992 drama film directed by Roland Joffé based upon the novel of the same name by Dominique Lapierre.

This city is full of surprises.


Never the less this city is joyous.


Like most people Mahesh has never been on the Howrah Bridge. This bridge connects the city across a mighty river. People get on with their lives every day, even fishing in waters close the bridge but like you and me it is only when you need to be on the bridge that you are on the bridge.


For Mahesh living and studying in an orphanage, in one corner of this rumbling city of 14 million the bridge is just what you would see on a picture book.

But it is his bridge. It is his city.


And now Raj is going to know too.

Discover how Crayons of Hope is helping Mahesh, Raj and and hundreds of other children around the world get a sense of identity and understand the country they live in. Find out how they experience seasons, what they wish and think about becoming when they grow up and prepare to get amazed with their perspective on important issues in the world around them.

Swastika Gurung

Chief Executive Officer