Where is Mount Everest?

By now you must have met Om Prakash and if you haven’t you must. Om lives in Calcutta. India. What does the idea of a country mean to him?

Om PrakashOm Prakash

Let us translate for you what he writes about his country.

Dear My Friend Arti

My name is OM and I live in India. The drawing you are looking at is Mount Everest. There are 28 states in India. The sweets of this country are famous. Many languages are spoken like – Hindi, English, Tamil, Urdu etc. India’s national bird is a peacock and wild animal is a Tiger. Our national anthem is Jana Gana Mana Adhi Nayak Jaya Hai
:-) The End :-)

Did you know that Mount Everest is in India?

And now Arti is going to know that too.

Perhaps when she writes back, Om will also figure out. Discover how Crayons of Hope is helping Om, Arti and hundreds of other children around the world get a sense of identity and understand the city they live in. Find out how they experience seasons, what they wish and think about becoming when they grow up and prepare to get amazed with their perspective on important issues in the world around them.

Swastika Gurung

Chief Executive Officer