What’s in a name? My name is Om Prakash

Names are beautiful. ABEDABUN in Cheyenne means Sight of Day. And ABEQUA means Stays at Home! But for most of us until much later in life and definitely if we are not born Native American, names are often meaningless words that we respond to when they are called out.

Rohit is a given name, typically male used among Indian people. It is also used in some parts of Nepal. It is mostly used by Jains, Hindus, and Sikhs. The word “rohit” at its root signifies the color red. The color red is implicit. It is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “the first rays of the sun”. The early morning sunlight usually has a lot of reddish tint. It is also said to be derived from the Sanskrit word Rohitah which signifies a red coloured deer – a form which Brahma once took. Rohit is also one of the names of the Hindu God Vishnu, when he is said to have first arrived on earth as a beautiful red fish.

Rohit also means a person, who leads to growth and development of his family.


What is in a name?

The children we work with comes from all kinds of homes, situations and backgrounds. If one has a single mother at home, the other is an orphan. The permutations are endless. When we meet them it is an hour of escape into a world of colors and an exchange of hope and friendship with a kindred soul in another city, somewhere else.

We start by telling each child, the meaning of their names. You have to be with us to see the excitement in the room. Most of them want this service for their brothers and sisters at home! We get multiple requests to tell them the meanings of other names of people they love and know.

Take Om Prakash for example. Age 11. Attends school at Calcutta Rescue. Sparkling eyes. Curious about the Crayons of Hope Fellow telling him how we are going to help him share his perspective on things around him with a friend from another part of the world.

We tell him about his name. How it means light of god. We ask him to express his feeling about who he is on the postcard. This is what he did.

This is how we are helping our children get a grip on their identity.

Discover how Crayons of Hope is helping Om and hundreds of other children around the world understand the city and country they live in. Find out how they experience seasons, what they wish and think about becoming when they grow up and prepare to get amazed with their perspective on important issues in the world around them.

Swastika Gurung

Chief Executive Officer