My Favourite Season is Spring

Every child in the Crayons of Hope program gets a box of crayons and 12 postcards. But what lays the real infrastructure for our approach are the themes we ask them to think and write about. Remember, each postcard is sent onwards to another child in another part of the world. And so, when one kid expresses her views and feelings about any of the themes, the simple postcard starts taking a life of its own.

The magic happens when the cards get exchanged.

You have already read about (and please do if you haven’t :) how we work with children covered in the program around themes of identity, my city and country. Let us now take you into something more experiential. Children experience seasons in beautiful ways and perhaps the seeds of their creativity are triggered by their reactions to spring, summer, autumn and winter. After all, they are our future poets and writers. One of the themes in the program is about ¬†seasons and we ask our children to express what they feel about their favorite season.

Now let us tell you about Neetu

Neetu lives in Calcutta and we work with her together with Anubhab Foundation – a not for profit school looking after 60 children. She likes spring and this is what she wrote to Suraj about her favourite season.

Soon she is going to hear back from Suraj.

Discover how Crayons of Hope is helping Neetu, Suraj and hundreds of other children around the world get a sense of identity and understand the city they live in. Find out what they wish and think about becoming when they grow up and prepare to get amazed with their perspective on important issues in the world around them.

Swastika Gurung

Chief Executive Officer